Did You Miss Out on the Crypto Boom? These Cryptos Will Help: Ethereum, Shiba Inu,


We all know stories of people that became millionaires thanks to buying Bitcoin or other altcoins in the past, but did you know that it’s not too late to make big profits? Read on to find out more about why Ethereum, Shiba Inu and Everlodge have the potential to skyrocket your portfolio.

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Ethereum is the Key to Web3

If Bitcoin is digital gold, then Ethereum is the digital computer. But what does this mean? 

Well, as Ethereum has the ability to run smart contracts it means that it is more than just a currency, in fact its in a large part the basis for web3. And web3 is the future of the internet. 

Web3 allows for decentralized applications, financial services, games, social networks, and more that don’t rely on centralized servers and providers. 

For example, musicians could directly sell tickets and music to fans without middlemen taking cuts. And people can have access to financial services that aren’t offered by their banks due to red tape or geographical location.

The majority of projects either run on Ethereum, or use Ethereum as a base for their Layer 2 blockchain solutions, meaning that Ethereum is vital for web3.

As one of the biggest and most decentralized projects using blockchain technology, in the next bull run, Ethereum is set to make higher highs than ever before.

The People’s Crypto Choice is Shiba Inu

For some, the meme coin Shiba Inu seems like a whimsical project. But for fans of the coin, known as the Shibarmy, Shiba Inu is the currency that we will all be using in the future.  

Even if you aren’t a Shiba Inu maxi, the fact is that this is one of the key coins that the general public turn to when crypto enters a bull market. By entering now, holders can seek to profit off the gains created by the new adopters in the next bull run cycle.

Also Shiba Inu does have real utility, having built a layer 2 blockchain that is based on Ethereum. This means that Ethereum secures the network whilst allowing for scalability and low transaction fees, as opposed to Ethereum’s very high gas fees.


Everlodgewill change property investing for the better

Everlodge is another project built on Ethereum, therefore also benefiting from the security of the network. Everlodge is new and in presale, which means that it has huge potential for growth, due to its newness and low market cap.  

Everlodge is part of web3’s financial inclusion. They want to give ordinary investors the opportunity to co-invest in luxury holiday properties around the world, such as a villa in the Caribbean or a hotel chain in upstate New York.

They will do this by creating a digital asset that represents the property, using NFT technology. They will then offer their community to buy shares or even the entire property, and each buyer will receive an NFT to legally represent their asset.  The benefits of this are twofold, firstly, investors can benefit from capital appreciation of their properties, and secondly they can receive a share of rental income.

Everlodge’s token is called ELDG and is currently in the 3rd phase of presale at $0.018. With several stages still to go, now is an excellent time to get into this token, especially since crypto analysts are predicting that it will rise over a dollar once it goes live on a CEX and DEX.

Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale

Website: https://www.everlodge.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/everlodge

Read More: Did You Miss Out on the Crypto Boom? These Cryptos Will Help: Ethereum, Shiba Inu,

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